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Camping, Cross Country Ski, Cycling, Hiking, Rock Climb, Running, Skiing, Triathlons, Ultimate Frisbee
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energetic and passionate; honest and reserved; competitive and modest; a dreamer and a catcher; individualistic, thriving on the company of my awesome friends; intense but easily distracted; enjoy traveling but close to my family; confident although it’s all new to me too; a leader but often feel like I’m falling behind. Next, I'm looking forward to learning how to play the cello, but I think it'll have to wait until I'm done with the Master's. Until then, I'll continue studying, sweating, and learning Polish.

I'm primarily a runner (~10 yrs) and would love to have a local partner to run with 1-3 times a week come spring. Although I run or cross-train daily (once it's a little warmer!), I would prefer to have most of my workouts spontaneous, but I also enjoy meeting new people and having that extra push/teamwork.

I'd like to do two triathlons this summer, a sprint and an Olympic.

In short, I'm looking for a partner to tackle those 8-10-mile runs with and/or join me on the road or trails for cycling -- regardless whether they have any interest in tri's.

Meet New Friends, Get Out More and Just Have Fun!